Our juror for 2014 is  Knoxville Artist, Marge Luttrell.

Welcome to the 21st Annual Student Art Show!

Photos of the awards ceremony are here.

Photos of the art show are Student art work and photo galllery

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About the Juror

Marge Luttrell is a full time artist working in Encaustic painting and exhibiting throughout the United States. She previously taught for thirty-one years in Knoxville and in Leysin, Switzerland. She has won many awards and recognition for her work, including a Fulbright Award to study in Japan, and National Endowment for the Arts Grant to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to study in Italy.

Her artist website is margeluttrell.com

Juror’s Statement

It has indeed been a pleasure to jury the Sevier County Student Art Show this year. From my point of view it is an extremely well organized event. All involved with this show, students, teachers, organizers and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts should be applauded!

The work this year covered a wide range of mediums and skills. It was refreshing to see a number of well executed drawings, paintings, fine crafts, sculptures and photographs. It was also impressive to see so many students produce original work that, at their core, were inventive, discriminating and emboldened. Any time a student can take a canned assignment and turn it into something wholly original and personal, they gain my admiration. 

Christian Ogle’s painting “Jan”, which won “Best of Show”, is a critically discerning piece with a perceptive flare for the dramatic and an intense feel for mood and time. Subtly evocative, when a student can produce work that makes the viewer engage and feel the energy of the piece, it’s a success. 

Maddy Carr’s pen and ink drawing, “ I Play Tragedies” ( Juror’s Choice), held my interest by the adept use of pattern and line. This piece made me appreciate the artist’s mastery of this medium and her passion for what she does. 

Poster Award Winner Kelly Moore impressed me with her skill and acumen in the area of painting, and with her sense of humor. An intricate composition that assimilates color, depth and arial perspective, I became intrigued with the story the piece was telling.

Last, but not least, the “ Best Title” goes to ten year old artist, Cait Bowling, whose “Big, Brown, Beautiful Bison” say’s it all!  It had all the freshness and emotion of the actual piece, which I absolutely loved. Keep up the wonderful work Cait, I see wonderful things in your future. 

I am pleased that so many were able to win awards in this show. Any time students can garner the accolades they whole-heartedly deserve for work they put their passion, time and a part of themselves into, it’s wonderful to see. And for those that did not receive an award, don’t give up, it doesn’t mean that you are not worthy, it means that just this particular piece might not have been worthy. Who knows what fantastic and awesome art you will create in the future? 

Again, thank you for the opportunity, it has been a pleasure.

Marge Luttrell

Gatlinburg Arts Council

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