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An increasing number of shows accept only digital images using Juried Art Services or ZAPP™ software. All images must be formatted properly for successful uploading to their online jurying systems. It can be confusing to sort through the specifications for each system.

I can prepare your new or existing images for ZAPP™, Juried Art Services, or CAFE digital jury systems, or you can prepare your own using image editing software and the specifications below. 

We have studied the requirements for ZAPP™ and Juried Art Services, and compiled the information from their respective web sites into a chart below. In fact, we are one of a handful of photography services recommended by ZAPP™!

Note that ZAPP have relaxed their specifications to allow 1400 pixel images, however this will result in a smaller image surrounded on four sides by a black border. The instructions on the ZAPP web site indicate that black masks are no longer required for non square images. However, for shows that use projectors for jurying it is recommended to continue sizing your images to 1920 pixels on the longest side, and adding the black masks to create a 1920 pixel square image.

JAS and most other shows will accept images formatted to 1920 pixels square, which should allow artists to submit ZAPP formatted images. If you are applying to a show that is using a different format I will be able to help you.

Juried Art Services

Format: JPEG highest quality, RGB

Dimensions: 1400-2000 pixels longest dimension (1920 x 1920 acceptable)

Resolution: 300 ppi (for printing by some shows)

Color Space: RGB, no profile stated

File Size: not stated


Format: Highest quality, JPEG Baseline Standard (not JPEG Progressive)

Dimensions: 1400-1920 pixels longest dimension (1920 x 1920 recommended)

Resolution: 72 dpi

Color Space: RGB, preferably sRGB profile

File Size: Under 2 MB

Note: Black masks are no longer required on non square images, the system will add the masks for you after uploading. If your previous ZAPP images already have black masks it is not required to remove them, however it is recommended you do not submit an application with a mix of masked and non-masked images.


Format: JPEG highest quality

Dimensions: 1920 x 1920 pixels

Resolution: not specifically stated

Color Space: RGB, preferably sRGB profile

File Size: Under 1.8 MB


Format: JPEG highest quality

Dimensions: 1280 x 1280 pixels or larger (see note)

Resolution: 72 ppi

Color Space: not stated

File Size: Under 5 MB

Note: Images do not have to be a particular size as the slideroom servers will process your images to 1280 pixels to fit their system. Make sure your images are equal or larger than 1280 pixels.

Robert is a recommended ZAPP® photographer!