formatting for ZAPP™


Formatting your images

  1. Formatting your digital images can be done on your own. You will need photo-editing software that can resize images, change image resolution, create new images, and save images as JPEGs.

  2. Software for formatting and resizing your images:

    1. Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud ($49.99/mo by subscription only)

    2. Adobe Photoshop Elements ($99/ free trial available)

    3. Get Paint (, a free open-source program for Windows-based computers, can also help to format images successfully. If you are a Mac user, download Gimp (, a userful image editing program.

    4. Pixlr (free) Image editing right in the browser.

    5. Preview (Mac only) free with all Macs

    6. Image Resizer (Windows only) free, open source program

  1. If purchasing a photo editing program is out of your budget or you are short on time, I can optimize your existing images and prepare them for ZAPP™ or any other system. I can even upload them for you.

How do I format my images?

  1. On a Mac you can use Preview. Open your image in Preview, go to Tools>Adjust Image Size. There you can enter a new pixel size. Check the “Scale Proportionally” box and the “Resample Image” box is checked. This will change the size of your image, so make sure you are working on a copy, not your original image.