Whether you need images for juried shows or selling online (etsy, ebay, pinterest) it is possible to get acceptable, even good, results with a cell phone. Start with a minimum of equipment and use these techniques:

  1. Choose a phone with a good camera

  2. Choose a few good Apps (see below)

  3. Turn off picture frames and any other effects (black & white, sepia, etc)

  4. Use a tripod

  5. Use a neutral background

  6. Use soft even lighting (work near a sunny window or use lights and a shooting tent)

  7. Highest quality and resolution settings

  8. Turn off flash, set focus and exposure

  9. Copy photos to your computer for processing and uploading to ZAPP (optional)

Doing your own craft Photography Using A SmartPhone camera

List of what you will need


Smartphone  iPhone (or pick your favorite)

Small Tripod (I like Gorillapod)

Phone Mount  Grip Tight

Clamp Lights  with “Daylight” CFL bulbs

Background Paper


Smartphone Camera Apps

Smartphone cameras are all automatic, focus and exposure are set without your input. While this is great for quick snapshots, it usually produces low quality photos. To  get the best image possible, you need to have some control over the picture taking process. The camera app that comes preloaded on your phone probably doesn’t do this. For just a few dollars you can upgrade your camera app. Below is a list of a few that I like.

For iPhone and iPad

Camera Apps:



645 Pro

Smartphone Photo Editing Apps:

Photoshop Express

PhotoGene Crop, correct color, brightness, etc. Resize and export to social media, email, other programs

Pixlr Express Mobile 


Add-on lenses for smartphone  Photojojo

Shooting Tents  Alzo Digital

Studio Lights  Alzo Digital

Smartphone Camera Apps  (see list below)

Photo Editing Software Picasa (free)

Basic studio setup using the ProPhoto app with iPhone

Click to compare finished photos from a few different cameras.

For Android

Camera Apps:

Camera FV-5

Editing photos with a computer

Picasa (free)

Adobe Photoshop Elements $99

iPhoto ($14.99 or free with new Macs)